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geocurve is a software that allows to design and compute geodesic curves on free surfaces (Bézier, B-Spline). Its purpose is not to replace existing 3D modeling or engineering softwares, but to provide them with additional tools to handle original geodesic structures. Mathematically, geodesics have a number of interesting properties:

  • Geodesics may be seen as the generalized notion of “straight lines” to curved spaces (they minimize the distance between two points)
  • Geodesics are natural physical trajectories (thus ideal to generate aesthetic structures)
  • Geodesic structures are particularly stable (minimal constraints, null geodesic curvature)
  • The development of a geodesic beam in the plane is straight (no complex machining required)
The last two properties are very interesting for building aspects, in
particular for wooden structures. In that case, the curvature properties of a geodesic beam allow to work with straight boards that only need machining at the intersections. Several layers of boards can then be assembled into curved beams using wood steam bending techniques.

The cfsFlow software is a versatile tool for the resolution of free surface fluid flow problems. During his development many applications have been studied like:

  • Casting process with air bubble interactions,
  • Droplets and bubbles dynamic in a media where surface tension effects may have an important impact,
  • Viscoelastic fluid flows (like glue, honey, or mayonnaise),
  • Long time glaciers evolution depending on climate scenarios for the temperature increase and variation of expected precipitations.

One of the innovative aspects of cfsFlow versus other fluid dynamics simulation tools is the implementation by Ycoor Systems of business-specific interfaces for each particular application. Such interface is already under development for the simulation of the melting of glaciers and other are considered, in particular in the fields of oil extraction, dam break or bubble formation during electrolysis process.

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